Harvey MuddHarvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd is an American poet, writer, and painter who, disillusioned with American politics and culture, lives in France.

Harvey left the United States as a political protest in 2006. The reasons for this move have become worse by orders of magnitude. His roots are Americanthe values associated with the founding of the republic, his California heritage, and a deep spiritual connection to the land of New Mexicoand these continue to inform his ideas and writing. All the new poems, however, are emotionally located in this time of crisis and in his new home in France.

Mudd has two daughters and a son. He divides his time between the south of France and New York City. He is currently working on a new collection of poems with a working title of Detour. He is also revising his memoir to reflect the current crisis in American democracy, the slow emergency of climate change, and the renewed risk of global war.

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